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Continents Maple Island Amherst, Blowing Scattered Flower Garden, Boogie Collette Waterfront, Dangerous Trail, Whispered The Creek, Windy Trail Victoria Island Ali Carboxylic Prison, Altar Of Pigs Lack Minggeu, Andre Ah Clan Estates, Autumnal Forest, Beach Way "111", Beauty Street, Black Market, Blazing Lava Road, Bloomington Ranch, Bone Bridge Construction Site, Cold Heart, Column Head Section Excavation, Corona Lake, El Lua River, El Lua Trails, El Nath, Elbow Of Log Oyster, Ellinia, Ellinia Town, Ellinia Town, Ellinia Woods, Entrance Gaemigul, Evansville, Flora Avenue, Forest Of Lost Memories, Fountain Of Thor Be, Gaemigul Square, Gamak New Village, Goals Douce Newtown, Goals Douce Pharmaceutical Factory, Green Forest Trail, Green Trees, Henesys, Hill Of Woodman, Hot Tteutteu River, Howling Mine, Just Another Trade Routes, Kerning City, Kerning City For Construction Sites, Kerning Interchange, Kerning Waste Disposal, Koro Sputter Cliff, Lava Developments, Lava Energy Laboratory, Lith Harbor, Maggiore Lake Park, Meandering Canyon, Melting Hourglass, Middleton, Modify Mining Town, Moonlight Enjoying The Woods, Mount Hill, MSI Machinery Research Institute, MSI Robot Development Center, Nerja Only Smithy Street, Neurons DNA Research Center, Not Sterile Felling, Other Areas, Peaks Of Valor, Perion, Prism Falls, Quarry Rock Pillars, Queens Town, Rebol Dikdaem, Red Whistle Cliff, Rockefeller Tower Construction Site, Royal Road North, Royal Road South, Rudy William Loeb Meteorite, Serene Forest, Shadow Gate, Spout Town, Suffering Wasteland, The Royal Road To Enter The Square, Toys Woods, Tree Caledonian Go, Tria Castle, Way Of The Black Mist, White Rock Mountain, Wolf Claw Valley, Woodbury General Beta and Launch Music PC requirements Story Key Features Developer Compatibility with MapleStory1 NPC Banker Makita, Nielsen, Pet, Robert, Steven, Walter Beauty Shop Dixon, Douglas, Wren Doctor Dr Button, Dr Gerd, Dr Ginkgo, Dr Harold, Dr Henry, Dr Hubert, Dr Karl, Dr Pio, Dr Seutomeeo, Dr William General Instructor Ikas, Olude, Rube, Ruki, Trini Merchant Akashi, Alfred, And, Arnold, Bonin, Dionysius, Duke, Ear, Elvis, Gabriel, Gabriel, Geo, Gimdalbi, Gimdalrae, Gordon, Gwen, Ian, Jacqueline, Jeffrey, Jenny, Kimg Darling, Labenne, Lamy onneu, Lily, Lin Merlot, Lynette, Margarita, Maya, Mong, Nicene, Nicole, Peter, Raeji, Rumi, Shah Nerja, Susanna, This Seolnun, Uni other, Zachary Trader Travel True Classes Archer Heavy Gunner, Ranger Magician Priest, Wizard Rogue Assassin, Thief Warrior Berserker, Knight Beginner Customization Build your own house Make your own Dungeon Other user-created content Outfits Outfits, items and hair Female Customization, Male Customization Gameplay Achievements Buildings Controls Camera Environment Bonus Stages, Buildings and Trees, Grids, Travel General Stats Guilds Interface Item Rank Items Belts, Bottom, Cape, Earrings, Eye Accessory, Face Accessory, Gloves, Hats, Pendant, Ring, Shoes, Top Marketplace Mini Games Final Survivor, Ludibrium Exodus, Rewards, Trap Master Prison PVP - Player vs Player Skill Types Trophies Daily Adventure, Daily Battle, Daily Life, Hero Adventure, Hero Battle, Hero Life Monsters and Bosses Bosses Alpha Turtle, Angry Baphomet, Bajar Guardian, Balrog, Blooded Baphomet, Blue Mushmom, Boogie Coolie, Bully Baraha, Captain Chow, Chaos Baphomet, Devlin Warrior, Effy, Fire Draco, Forgotten Bajar, Giant Fire Bomb, Giant Fire Rock, Giant Lava Eye, Giant Turtle, Griffina, Griffon, Horus, Hyper Robot, Last Bajar, Mad Hatter, Madionette, Mushmom, Nixi, Papulatus, Rabbit Puppet, Revenant Zombie, Sandstone Golem, Slime, Stumpy, Ureus, Urza, Zakum Levels 1-10 Apple Monkey, Baby Boar, Baby Pig, Black Rubik, Blondionette, Blood Lich, Blue Birk, Blue Cone, Blue King Slime, Blue Monkey, Blumong, Broccoli Baby Turtle, Broccoli Turtle, Bubbling, Choco Ball, Dark Stonerig, Dual Birk, Ducky, Ducky Ball, Ellinu, Fire Rubik, Fire Unicorn, Flower Sand Golem, Freaky Mummy, Giant Bungbungi, Giant Ellinu, Giant Lava Golem, Gold King Slime, Green King Slime, Grelle Decker, Horny Boo, Horny Mushroom, Kerbe, King Cobra, King Stonerig, Kuluka, Lace Mummy, Lava Bomb, Lotus Baby Turtle, Lotus Turtle 1, Lotus Turtle 2, Monkey, Mossy Stump, Necrionette, Orange Cone, Orange Horny Mushroom, Orange Mushroom, Orange Slime, Phantom Decker, Pink Ellang, Platus, Porong Daguri, Porong Maguri, Porong Nalguri, Power Momot B, Power Momot D, Power Momot R, Red Cone, Red Horny Mushroom, Red Mushroom 1, Ryuho, Sling, Steel-armored Unicorn, Stonerig, Straw Doll, Tomagi, Voodoodoo, Wakiki Monkey, Woody, Zero Decker, Zombie Stump Levels 11-20 Birk, Blue Crab, Blue Ryuho, Blulang, Brown Birk, Bucky, Bucky Ball, Bungbungi, Chief Twingo, Chopper the Chicken, Chopper the Chicken, D. Strobe R, Dark Stump, Dark Twing Worker, Dire Stirge, Ellang, Glumong, Horned Baby Turtle, Ice Unicorn, Iron Hog, Kerso, Masked Blader, Masked Esper, Masked Stinger, Minor Twingo, Oberoy, Panicked Bear Rabbit, Panicked Big Rabbit, Panicked Little Rabbit, Plunger Duck, Rabbit Puppet, RUBRIK, Rumble Bin, Slime, Stone Crab, Stump, Twing Worker, Vice Twingo Levels 21-30 Abandoned Bajar Guardian, Axe Stump, Baby Dar Bear, Baby Indi Bear, Blue Horny Mushroom, Blue Mushroom, Bowman Bodyguard, Brown Mushroom, Chopper the Chicken, Claw Zombie, Coolie Zombiemom, Curse Eye, D. Strobe D, Daguri, Dar Bear, Dark Crab, Dark Skeleton Swordman, Dark Woodada, Dark Woody, Donkey Ball, Evil Bear Rabbit, Evil Big Rabbit, Evil Eye, Evil Little Rabbit, Eyeball, Fire Boar, Funky Pig, Horror Bear Rabbit, Horror Big Rabbit, Horror Little Rabbit, Ice Rubik, Indi Bear, Inspection Bodyguard, Junior Devlin Magician, Junior Devlin Warrior, Kumtuli, Lava Eye, Lava Golem, Little Mummy, Maguri, Mama Kiyo, Mist Zombiemom, Mummy, Mush King, Mushroom Zombie, Nalguri, Nepentus, Neuroid-D, Neuroid-O, Neuroid-R, Oak Tomagi, Oberoy D, Papa Kiyo, Pink Slime, Pipe Zombie, Protoid-D, Protoid-O, Protoid-R, Pure Ellang, Purple Slime, Red Doguri, Red Horny Boo, Red Maguri, Red Nalguri, Shadow Blader, Shadow Blunt, Shadow Esper, Shadow Stinger, Trickster, Tristan, White Ellinu, Zenoroid-D, Zenoroid-O, Zenoroid-R Levels 31-40 Baby Panda Bear, Cherry Tomagi, Cobra, D. Strobe B, Dark Skeleton General, Evil Monkey, Hallycao, Hatuka, Lycao, Oberoy B, Panda Bear, Purple Unicorn, Red Mask Shaman, Red Ryuho, Rumble Nut, Rumble Thorne, Size Zombiemom Levels 41-50 Nependeath, Royal Guard Fray, Spearman Bodyguard
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