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Customization Build your own house Make your own Dungeon Other user-created content Outfits, items and hair General Beta and Launch PC requirements Story Key Features Developer Compatibility with MapleStory1 Towns El Nath Ellinia Environment, Monsters, NPC's Henesys BGM - Back Ground Music, Environment, Monsters, NPC's Kerning City Environment, Golden Tower, NPC's Lith Harbor BGM - Back Ground Music Other Areas Dungeon, Lab Perion Environment, Monsters, NPC's Tria Castle Classes Archer Heavy Gunner, Ranger Magician Priest, Wizard Skills Thief Assassin, Thief Warrior Berserker, Knight Noob Gameplay Achievements Auction House Controls Camera Environment Bonus Stages, Buildings and Trees, Grids, Travel General Stats Interface Item Rank PVP - Player vs Player Monsters and Bosses Bosses Balrog, Baphomet, Devlin, Gryphon, Spiky Turtle, The Last Bajar, Urza, Zakum Monsters StorySep 03General StatsSep 03SkillsSep 03Item RankSep 03GryphonSep 03 View Recent Wiki Updates What's this? alexrs asian balance beast50 Points captain cookie112 crayze darkspikex dwerg eggplantman eosbatcat etagryph jester jusongb juxford kremechoco ktempo manbearpig maverin moreleetplz mrclassicsteel omgitsniko omniscient160 Points omniscient2 onemoment quantum30 Points ragunaga rootabyss saraone senpaishotgg seventhlolmande silver sumeragi tentimesthetech thecheeze thekatia tohiru uniboros verkins vinje50 Points waved ylimeharas zcrimsyn Guests917

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