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I just downloaded the game, and patched it all up and when i try to run the .exe file, it loads up nexon security but after that finishes loading, i get a white blank box

I also haven't made an account so i'm thinking that may be the problem... but if anyone else has experienced this issue please let me know if there's a fix.
Gyazo screen general question

1 3 2086 Jul 2017 Gyazo


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You'll need a verified account to play. And you don't start the game from the .exe file but through the start button on the website.

You can buy an account at SeaGM, OBTGame, NewGameWay

2 Jul 2017

@WatchGintama nvm, i clicked the check mark/confirm button on that error and it ended up loading up the patcher

Jul 2017
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