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Server Details
9/19/17 Pre-OBT Character Creation to reserve names
9/21/17 OBT launches
International Server: 女王镇

All dates are based on China timezone and I will make a countdown timer when they announce the times.

Registration and Download
Registration Guide by 2p.com

If you are having issues with registering for QQ, try using Chrome.
If your launcher is not showing the server names, change system locale to Chinese (Simplified, China) or switch to the TGP launcher in the download area.

What do I do in-game?
Depending on the patch CMS2 is on, doing the Epic Quest line will bring you to level 50. After that the cap is 99.
You can start doing raids at level 50+ but you need gear score.

Useful Links
QQ App (Used to login to website)

7 1832 Sep 2017


roxyxen avatar

Thank you for posting this! It's very helpful!

1 Sep 2017
WatchGintama avatar

Correction: They have updated the early character creation details and it is only available for two servers and not on "女王镇". Sorry for the confusion!

2 Sep 2017

@WatchGintama The people at Maplestory 2 Reddit/Tria want to join the 2 new servers since we can already make characters there. 女王镇 seems too populated and it's better to join a fresh server without all the high levels.

Sep 2017
WatchGintama avatar

@Timren1 They added these two servers at the last minute but I am sticking to 女王镇. There are people planning to play and currently playing there already. People are welcome to join us here but you can join the new server if you want to.

Sep 2017

Is there any guild in "女王镇"?

1 Sep 2017
WatchGintama avatar

@Mushi There should be some available or you can make your own for 5k. Maybe check on the reddit?

Sep 2017 - Edited: Sep 21 2017
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