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Hi, my name is Jirocho, I was one of the few MS1 player who actually was there in version 0.0.1.

This is my list so here we go:
1: Stats point that you can control and attribute. Making custom build possible add to the flexibility.

2: More skills than that, I miss the old book skills from the one, I remember the skills hype that happened around. For exemple,

LV: Thief were like, OMG I WILL HAVE HASTE. OMFG :O

3: Boss are in RAID and Hidden-Street location (each player will go their with their party) You remember, the fight for the OP mask early in the game. Yeah i'm talking about those animal mask, the horse, the owl, Corsel, and the others. Well, remember you had to go in a portal and poff, you were alone with your party. Those kind of room and raid entrance gestion like zakum, horntail really had to the hype of the game. I know they have to put some boss on like, the global thing just like pianus and such but pleaserino peperino.

4: Multiple weapons accessibility and stats restrictions on items: By that I mean, that I remember that in the earlier version, when LV cap was really, a few build made their apperance around. The classic STR archer which only only Control Attack, weirdly, this build did alot of dmg since warrior couldnt crit and archer gain the ability to crit early so yeah, sword had quite abit too much attack so archer were hitting more than warrior using sword. The goal of a skills is the aid a player for a certain task, for example, heal, AOE DMG, buff. They shouldn't restrict weapon to a specific class. I remember in the old days, I was running my thiefs with the katana blade from warrior and double stabs WAS working.. I was like a samurai. I want to be able to do it again.

5: Upgradable weapon with scrolls and chance and not just a button and meso's. I miss the old days when you would see a 58 ATK +11 Luk Fan in the free market selling for like .... 10 million in in time. Zakum helmet for 200M, nowadays I dont play but its like .. 5M or whatever.

6: Jump quest: Oh please, I know ... we know that we hated them. But in our heart, we know that nothing felt better than completing the zakum trial after so much failure. It was a good feeling. Its good

7: More difficulty but .. more choice of monster: This one is complex but like, in the old MS1, If you were funded you could compete with monster over your lv. I remember seeing people trainning at Golem in dungeon when they were 40. I mean, they died quite often but it was rewarding. I dont know why they changed that because now, monster are weak as hell and higher level monster only gain % bonus dodge from your attack which mean that you can actually, be a lv 51 unfunded, going at jester, and just camp the platform until you kill hit since you are at exactly at 5% attack chance.

8: NO JUMP FOR EVERYONE: PLEASE NEXON. Nowadays, every class has its own stupid jump and movement move which is just a re-textured version of like the others class. Warrior are as much mobile than thief. It just make no sense. Mobility should be spesific to a certain class.

9: More quest reward. When V55 came out, all quest got a reduce %money and exp which made them .. all become dead. Like, the Aryn glass shoe in Ellinia. Who REMEMBER, having to kill like 200 Fireboard and taking 1 hour just to get that glass shoe that you would exchange for a brute diamond and milk afterward. Shit's was good. Remember when you had ore and like you were ready to have your brute amethyst, or even, dark crystal ore ?

10: Actual party quest / lveling taking more time: RPG are meant to require players time. If you want a good RPG force the player to explore it completly. All RPG should have party question or raid or whatever, but at a limit. Now, people don't do them anymore, Now its grinding, FOR EXP AND NOTHING ELSE. who care about the meso and item that you drop, no one take them anyway. I'll talk about this in the next statement. Party quest started dying when other were put in the game having a better difficulty * time / reward ratio. The Aqua dungeon one, in the old old days until it was removed. Orbis party quest which died completly cause it was too hard for the time it took. People were just spamming. Bunny Moon - King Slime - Carnival - Ludibrium Maze - Jester OR Ghost and then poof, lv 120 in 1-2 days. Limiting player to like, 2 time each party quest day would force them to do questing, learning about the story, exploring the world. SO MANY HOURS OF WORK PUTING INTO A FREAKING GIGANTIC WORLD BUT NAH ? You would rather farm at the same spot. I'm sorry but I like my game good.

11: Meso economy which isn't destroy. We all know that the potential destroyed everything. But you want to know what destroyed the shop way before the potential ? Yeah i'm talking about v72 v55, when zakum helmet were as rare as seeing a girl on the game. In the time, zakum helmet were not 100%, were not that great and were HARD TO Obtain. Zakum needed preparation and out of an entire day of farming him, a guild could harverst maybe 2-3 helmet. Shit's was real at that time. With all the buff and the patches, boss were become easier to do DMG wise but preparation wise. The day we started seeing single guy sellnig entire shop of zak helmet is the day everything started to fall apart. I mean, that happened to all item. Additionnaly, STOP SELLING EVERYTHING IN THE DAMN SHOP. WEAPON ARE SUPPOSE TO BE EARN, NOT EXCHANGED FOR MESO'S. THIS pisses me off, cause it just ruin so much, like, in the time people were like SHIT I GOT GOLD DROP EARING OMG OMG OMG. now its like gotta get super good earring, just check me, goes into FM ...check first store ... earing for 1 million. Done ... everything in now buyable in store until like lv 50 or 70.

I know MS2 is a new game that will bring new point and is suppose to bring a new way to play but still, i'm pretty sure that we can all agree about the things i wrote over. Those are the components of a good game. The thing is, maple story is a super fun community. Fun, interactive, swag and swag. I mean, remember chilling over the limo in amoria ?. Yeah those moments. Well, those moment were happening when the game was already changing. So please, we need this is the game. And one more thing, NERF ARE SOMETHING ACCEPTABLE FFS. I'll do a chart alright check this out

v55: Lv 30 Magic claw was hitting 2 time of 400. WOW u so pro
v55 : Lv 50 Golem. Shit I critted of 2k-3k
New class arrive with Op skills because nexon wanted to force player to play them .. and let's not talk about the stupidity that is skills link from characther
Shit, we've got to buff classic class now, alright buff to everyone. This cycle repeat for like .. 1 year and then
v90: Lv 30 Shit Magic claw just did 2 CRIT OF 1K each. I'M so gud
v90: Lv 50 Man i'm only hitting of 25k with my mechanic hammer.
Same cycle as over, except dmg was getting so high, dmg cap increased.
Actual Version:
Lv 30: SHIT MAN I JUST GOT LV 40 already. Didn't even realised I was 30. hahaahah oh man I just one shotted that 16k HP crow.
lv 50: Let me just stay on this platform and spam my aoe skills that all class have anyway, and i'm just hitting of 200k cause i'm funded.

The fact that DMG was increasing in % and not flat over time caused small buff to influece WAY TOO much on dmg. In old version putting str would give you 1-2 max dmg. New version. Add one str you can get 300 more dmg like my friend did when he was playing not so long ago.

Anyway, thanks for reading that huge ass post

1 1583 Jun 2015

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