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Ranger is undergoing some changes
-Each skills are now unique in purpose. We are focusing on specific rotations for various combat situations
-Golden Eagle is now a passive skill, summoned via fulfilling a specific requirement during combat
-New skill, "Arrow Storm" has been added: Rain a volley of arrows from the sky around the user, damaging multiple enemies nearby.

New Jobs
-Zena, the Heavy Gunner Master has arrived in Tria's Grand Hall, allowing access to the Heavy Gunner job
-Rek, the Berserker Master has arrived in Tria's Grand Hall, allowing access to the Berserker job
-Char, the Thief Master has arrived in Tria's Grand Hall, allowing access to the Thief job

Shadow World
-We will be reducing and limiting the number of channels available for Shadow World in order to increase player density
-You can earn "Karma" points via Hunting mobs, finding "Truka's" Treasure, Questing, and other various activities
-You can trade "Karma" points with a Shadow Merchant for special items

-Certain trophies now allow you to purchase housing decoration items
-Trophies can now be searched by their requirements or title

Interactive Structures
-There are now various structures throughout the world that can be held by your character (Traffic lights, Utility/Telephone poles, Bus, Phone Booth, Portable Toilets)
-You may grab one of these structure by walking next to it and pressing "Space". By pressing "X", your character will perform an action specific to the structure

-"Interior Square", a shopping district dedicated to housing materials have been found East of Ellinia
-You can look at billboard advertisements and obtain housing item magazines

Guild / PvP
-You now have to be at least level 28 in order to enter the "Pinnacle of Bravery"
-The "Pinnacle of Bravery", located near Perion will open every 30 minutes
-There will be a Guild PvP Championship - It is accessed via a new tab under Guild menus
-You will be rewarded with, "Proof of Bravery" based on your Guild's performance and participation, which can be traded for special items
-From what I can tell from the screenshot, there will be tiers (Bronze on screenshot), you and your guildmates may queue every 10 minutes, and the matches will be 4 vs 4 of players with level 28+

New Party Dungeon
-Kerning Interchange's Golden Tower party dungeon from last CBT is included. It is accessed by 4 level 21-25 players
-A cave called, "Acid Hurricane" in the Shadow World is accessed by 4 level 26 players
-A dungeon called, "Rebellion of the War Robots" is accessed by 10 level 30 players
-You will now see the location of Party Quests on the minimap and the world map

-You may change your maid's name, nickname, and a portion of their profile
-Each maid comes with one of five different specialties: Cooking, Bartending, Alchemy, Necklace-crafting, Ring-crafting

Quality of Life changes
-You may view other players' information by "right-clicking" on their character
-You may preview items, which you have not yet purchased by "Shift+clicking"
-You may search Maview from chat, via typing "/search x"
-New BGM in Kerning City, Ludibrium Village, and Beach area

Translated by ChannelOnion

Feel free to discuss down below! I am personally super excited for the new party dungeons! Especially the 10 level 30 player one!

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