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I know petition don't do much, and they are kinda useless but I think that it would be good to show Nexon that people waiting for this game. There is a web site called change.org I think you know this site, and I saw few MMORPGs petitions back in the days. But we need to co-operate with other Maple sites and post it everywhere. Actually I think one of these petitions work in Nexon EU but I don't remember about what it was. What do you think?

23 1221 Nov 2015



MapleStory2View - View everything


Day 1:
Version 0.1
I used some other Models since I don't have the MapleStory2 once.

Day 2:
Version 0.2
Version 0.2

Day 3:
Since I didn't had that much time today I only got the Settings working.
Now you can save your preferences and stuff even Characters!

Day 4:
Today I added a advanced view for the character and got some more settings working

Day 5:
Today I added multi-object rendering so you can now view hats/faces/shirts/....

#What you can do so far
- change Models
- muti-render Models
- save preferences
- use the advanced view

Question: What can I do with this?
Answer: You can spectate every Item/Character/Pet/House/... what you can find In-game (once Ms2 is released) or design your Character.

Question: Is the name "Maple2View" a working title?
Answer: Yes, this name will change in the future.

Question: Where can I download the program?
Answer: Since it's a prototype you can 't download it yet. If it's released you can find the link in this thread.

#About Me/The Team
I'm a 16 year old boy who is in the 11th grade of High school.
Programming got me hook since 3 years now and I am trying to get better everyday.

#Future features
- custom outfits viewable
- better Obj-inspecting Area
- a lot more

Tell me your opinion about this project. Thread will be updated daily!


#Update log
- started the Project "Maple2View"
- loadable .obj files
- Obj-inspecting Area
-Model rendering
- complete rework of the GUI
- settings are working now
- character import/export working
- advanced view added
- added some more settings

#Thread log
- created
- added About Me
- corrected SOME spelling

- added Day 2
- added some screens

- added Day 3

- added Day 4
- changed some titles

- added Day 5
- added structure to the thread

- Kirosaku


@Stellaria But please don't hug me to death xD
@Ching Chocolate <3

@Tristan Nope, didn't know that xD

Apr 2015
Stellaria avatar

I love you <3
Thank you thank you thank you x10 mil

Apr 2015

May i ask what you are working as in real life?
Did you study anything in this particular area?

Apr 2015

Goodluck Kiro! Maybe you can work on a skill simulator as well in the future possibly? xD

Apr 2015

@WatchGintama Well, they will be somewhere in the MapleStory2 Folder after the Game is released. I don't think they will do it Server-Sided. No one would do that. Too much traffic and stuff.

Apr 2015

@WatchGintama @Kirosaku

Actually, they're (technically) not in the MS2 folder. They're all compressed and encrypted into files.
As you can see, all the models are in a file called Model.m2d
I have tried to decrypt it, I gotten other people to attempt to decrypt it - no luck.
Until it's decrypted, there's not much we can look at.
In fact, from Alpha client to CBT1 client, they encrypted it even more. Before it was easy to get the movies/cutscenes (and all the skill GIFs), now it's not.

Apr 2015

@Kremechoco Well I knew that they will be compressed and crypted but I was hopping that they will not be that hard to decrypt. We'll I guess we have to see what time will do. But when we are able to I only have to get the Models working .

Apr 2015
Ghoul avatar

Cool project, hope everything works out!

Apr 2015

can i have a sample png file? (http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Customization-Outfits-Wiki-197)

May 2015
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Is this still going on? Q_Q
The game has been out for a long time now..

Jul 2016
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