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Screen, OrangeMushroom, BellaVidBleim, VidBleim, Thrown
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Bella Vid-Bleim
February 25, 2014

[quote=OrangeMushroom]Sometimes, my head hurts like its about to break.

Each time it happens, a faint memory resurfaces.
A rough white beard against my cheek, a hug with a warm smile, promising me that no matter what, he'd protect me.

But my life, the meaning of my existence, was taken away from me and thrown away by them.
My hatred will never stop.

Even though I am here now, I will strike fear into their hearts and throw them into the flames of hatred with my own hands.[/quote]

Bella Vid-Bleim


2 5 3115 Feb 2014



"It's a banned-aide." Wow, that was BEAUTIFUL. zakumsoap orradorcalleditzakumbeta
My favorite parts of the stream were basically everything that you guys mentioned, plus how we all yelled "Cue Lith Harbor!" when Onion first went there XD

Feb 2015

I know, Alex got some major praise for that one. Cory couldn't even recover from that one, totally threw his seg-way game off. Hahah xD

Feb 2015

Hi Orrador, it's me haarharhar2 from MS1 Broa! Anyway, loving all your videos, helps me keep updated with the news on the progress of MS2

Mar 2015

Great video, the more things that happen, the more excited i get. I just can't wait!

Mar 2015
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