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Okay Nexon, that's not even subtle XD I guess we know what the MS2 artists are into...

Feb 2015

@Chaoxdriver ..well to tell you the truth, almost all the artists I've met draw a little bit of nsfw here and there, hehe. It's kinda like "well I have the ability to do this...so I'm going to do this." xD

I wonder if we'll ever get whips in game. Maybe as a cash shop weapon skin? Remember the Red Whip?

Feb 2015

@Budubu In the professional setting, art and design are very rarely about what the artist wants to draw; that's why there's a lot of burnout, and so many companies contract artists rather than employ them. For something like this, it's much more likely that the artist was given a list of suggested themes/content from the marketing team, and then put it in a design package according to experience with positive demographic feedback. Sad truths.

As for whips, remember that the Wizard already has a very awesome looking Thunder Whip spell, and it could be an incredible design opportunity to have that become a specialization (e.g. "Elemental Cowboy/Wrangler" ), if they decide to go that route. Either way, whip physics and animations are definitely in the game already, and I think we'll be seeing more of them later, since the Thunder Whip lost its place in the spotlight with the recently added huge cooldown (....ughh...).

Feb 2015

If that's the prison warden, I might not mind getting in "trouble"...

Mar 2015
captain avatar

how much lag are you experiencing given that (I presume) you're on a different continent?

Sep 2015

@captain Mmmm, yes I'm in the states xD Honestly there isn't too much lag for me, sometimes there is latency, but it's so small it's barely noticeable. In bosses however, it could lead to an instant death at times if you're at a lower level and can't take too many hits.

Sep 2015
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