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So is Berzerker everything you wanted it to be? They seem to hit like trucks!

Jul 2015

@captain some are and some aren't. Usually the smalller ones aren't. The medium ones aren't either. Most of the big ones are though.

Jul 2015

Hey Orrador! Just wondering, are there active skills in MS2 that benefit partys (ex.: Haste or HB)? Because all the videos I've watched showed no "lines of skills" like on the top right in MS1. Gratz on the solo btw!

Jul 2015

@Gateau: all buffs and debuffs are displayed at the bottom, near your HP and SP bar. right now there are very few buffs. haste is a skill that's currently released that can be used by Thieves to temporarily boost the speed of your party. sharp eyes for Rangers and Concentration for Wizards should also be coming pending the level 40 patch.

Jul 2015

Wow sorry guys! I've been sick with sun poisoning over the week and haven't been able to check anything on the computer as of late ><

@PkBlast - Berzerker is amazing, I love everything about it so far! Excited to get more skills in the lv 40 patch at the end of this month!
@Captain @NetMinder - All bosses big or small are instanced, so are mobs o.o
@diego - That's good to know because I did not know this!
@Gateau - Like diego said, there's a few, probably more once the next level patches get released! Honestly though to me, Party is almost useless aside for party chat because there isn't a buddy chat from what I've seen. I mention this and more in the newest discussion that will be going live tomorrow!

Jul 2015
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