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general question hey I was wondering. So I know you don't need a VPN to play, but how can I play at different houses with my friends or a star bucks and not have to change ip addresses I'm obviously going to have different ip addresses everywhere. Is it suggested to play the game on the same Internet connection all the time or how frequently can I play on other ones. Does nexon Korea really check your IP address for validation? general question
WatchGintama: Welcome! I've read posts of people being forced into verification for messing with VPNs. But I've played in different locations before and my account is fine.It's hard to give an answer because accounts can be forced into verification at anytime regardless. Good luck!
Can someone help me download and create an account for this game? 3/29/17
WatchGintama: hello, to create an account you need a Korean phone number. Or you can buy one on sites like OBTGame or NGW for $10. To download the game you need to login and press the start button: http://maplestory2.nexon.com/
MapleStory, April, 1st
MapleStory 2 GO on April 1st!
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captain: What's this about?
WatchGintama: @captain I think it was just an april fools event.
IAM and YOUARE is waiting for this ENGLISH version to come out! PLEASE KEEPS OFF GRASS!
WatchGintama: The wait will be a while. But there's hope that they're hiring at least.
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