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Fixed - posting on site

MS2 Account

i need one too. I am active MMORPG player and i could get ur guild boost(PvP, PvE, dungeon or raid).


A newbie enters the world of Maple

If you want to play that bad, just cough up 10$ man


Account verification through Korean Mobile Number

anyway i could talk someone into helping out with an account?


How can I play Maple Story 2?

This is totally off topic but it seems Mr.B doesn't fix the posting on this site. I can't make a new


Verified MS2 account /Quitting account

Hello guys, may I use the account too please


MS2 patch problems

i could help u. skype:


Will the healing role be a must-have in a Ms2 party?

I will confirm that priests will be definitely be needed. Pots, gear and such will not compare to th


Playing as a wizard has plus and minuses

Every class has 100 SP just how each class regains and drains their SP is different and I agree mage


Does anybody have MapleStory 2 source extractor?

Does anybody have MapleStory 2 source extractor? like npc, map,monster attributes info ... I know Ma


Returning player.

Me too lel, imma post my IGN soon :)


About account

I need help with veriffication...i pretty much tried everything and i dont trust random sites from n


Maple Story Bowman Guide - A Bowman Guide for Choosing Your

The Bowman character class in Maple Story is a very fun class to play with. They can render damage u


Install bug, currupted !?

Hi, i'm brazilian and i've been trying to download this game for more than 24 hours, things is, i


Launcher issues/installation issue

Hey there, i'm having issues with my launcher. Before it starts downloading or installing anything


where download?

You must enter Maplestory 2 website and click the upside down arrow under the login area. Link: mapl


Working English patch!!!


MapleStory 2 English Patch Tutorial!

As you may know a English patch was made by some fans for the MapleStory 2 Community! Some people we


Unable to launch game..

Hi guys! Please help me out if you can. I was able to download MS2 files. I logged in and launched t


HELP with the account T_T

just buy it from OBT is the best and trusted. only 10 USD.


One vital thing that I did not see the game

@omniscient1 I understand that but it has gotten to the point that each individual has to prove thei


Australian Players Join in the chat

In Queensland, add me. Just copy and paste below IGN's. 스니키네코 (40 Thief) 네코레인


ANyone can help me to verification maple story 2 phone?

Hi i'm new here can i wish to play Maple story 2 korean severs. Now i have a trouble was phone veri


Help i wanna play but its too complex

Im just waiting for global to come out, its a lot simpler than going through all the trouble you nee


I get to the Game Manager window but it doesn't do anything?

The game manager just stays stuck at 0%...what should I do? It showed me an Error = -40 :(


Install issue

It says download complete. All you have to do is go on the website and press play (IF your account i


Download troubles.

Well After 5 tries I eventually gave up on trying to download and play MS2. But I wanna give it one


Why cant i comment!?

Testing 123 Working for me, but I'll let captain know.


How do I download Maple Story 2?

@Bassline: It seams your installer was not downloaded properly. You probably used the second method.


Looking for an english speaking guild

Hello and welcome. Please [url=]add it here[/url] with the #guild


Customs Section Broken?

The customs section doesn't seem to be working. When I click the pages or tabs it just says "


Problems logging in?

Hi all, hope you're well! If you were / are having trouble logging in, you will need to request a


skill translation

can anyone translate all the skills of thief into english please,especially passive skills. The new


Where can i find Dark Zirant?

Can someone show me where can i find him trough a photo? Thanks.


English-speaking Player List

Nice addition!


maplestory 2 release date

@AppleDeath: we still don't know. the only "confirmed" release coming soon is one in Ch


knight Combo Help Please ^ Everything you need to know~


New Listings Feature

Hi all, I just wanted to drop a quick note about the launch of our [url=


Best way to track bosses?

I found a boss timer here


I found a boss timer

I found a Maplestory 2 boss timer, made by Koreans. I don't understand what the different options a


Knight usefull ?

I'm thinking of making a knight but what are their roles in party dungeons cuz they don't have ski


No life problems

Anyone in the same boat as me Fire and ice just came out for maplestory1 and im like dang I can fi


Stumpy Party Quest

how do i delete post


Monster item drops

Is there anywhere online that shows what monsters drop what items?


You Can Now Download MaplesStory 2

i wish it can come out in english so i dont have to have a translator with me all day


Wiki Problem

The images on the Monster wiki aren't popping up. Can anyone else confirm this?


Usefulness of knights

Anyone who want to face Papulatus will need a good Knight to Tank and a Priest to heal...


Who's choosing Archer as their first MapleStory2 player?

I'm planning on being a ranger with my already created ign, Skvader


MapleStory is a free-to- play, 2d, side-scrolling Mmorpg

MS2 Mesos is the gold in MapleStory 2. Players can buy MS2 items by using Mesos. As the main currenc


Priest - Worth it?

I'm also thinking of making a priest as a first class since I mained it in MS1. Honestly they were


Do we need Knights?

Not sure where you got the idea knights were considered bad. I watched several hours of live streami