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MapleStory2View - View everything


Day 1:
Version 0.1
I used some other Models since I don't have the MapleStory2 once.

Day 2:
Version 0.2
Version 0.2

Day 3:
Since I didn't had that much time today I only got the Settings working.
Now you can save your preferences and stuff even Characters!

Day 4:
Today I added a advanced view for the character and got some more settings working

Day 5:
Today I added multi-object rendering so you can now view hats/faces/shirts/....

#What you can do so far
- change Models
- muti-render Models
- save preferences
- use the advanced view

Question: What can I do with this?
Answer: You can spectate every Item/Character/Pet/House/... what you can find In-game (once Ms2 is released) or design your Character.

Question: Is the name "Maple2View" a working title?
Answer: Yes, this name will change in the future.

Question: Where can I download the program?
Answer: Since it's a prototype you can 't download it yet. If it's released you can find the link in this thread.

#About Me/The Team
I'm a 16 year old boy who is in the 11th grade of High school.
Programming got me hook since 3 years now and I am trying to get better everyday.

#Future features
- custom outfits viewable
- better Obj-inspecting Area
- a lot more

Tell me your opinion about this project. Thread will be updated daily!


#Update log
- started the Project "Maple2View"
- loadable .obj files
- Obj-inspecting Area
-Model rendering
- complete rework of the GUI
- settings are working now
- character import/export working
- advanced view added
- added some more settings

#Thread log
- created
- added About Me
- corrected SOME spelling

- added Day 2
- added some screens

- added Day 3

- added Day 4
- changed some titles

- added Day 5
- added structure to the thread

- Kirosaku


@Stellaria But please don't hug me to death xD
@Ching Chocolate <3

@Tristan Nope, didn't know that xD

9 3922 Apr 2015

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