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[Special Note]
This was Recorded back before Oct 1st but shortly after Open Alpha had closed. I was requested by Mr. Basil to post these here as well which I am happy to do so. =]

Now that Alpha is accomplished, the amount of information is massive, we've got places, major boss returns and a lot of new ones for that matter, housing and apartment setups, servers, items AND SO MUCH MORE, ITS CRAAAAAZY!

This discussion is 53 minutes and some change packed full of post alpha goodness!
Thank yous go out to everyone who have been translating footage and providing information; Orangemushroom, Spadow, Coppersan and everyone else. We wouldn't be able to get excited, have fun discussing and predicting the possibilities without you guys doing the awesome jobs that you do.


Post Alpha Discussion! Balrog, customization, music and more!


4 1776 Nov 2014 Youtube

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