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[Special Note]
This was Recorded November 20th, the night after the G-Star Conference for MapleStory 2!

G-Star was a Blast, sadly Cory was the only one able to watch the whole conference, but none to worry! We still got a ton of info on what Nexon brought to the table and it wasn't small by any means! We go in depth on the footage shown for MapleStory 2 such as a 2nd game trailer teaser, more info on Beta involving maps, mobs, items new and returning and bosses as well, Berserker, Thief and Heavy Gunner, and more on the Houses and Apartments, while finishing up with a 2nd Cinematic trailer!

This discussion is 36 minutes and covers over all the great stuff that happened at G-Star! Even a bit on the other Games they showed too!
Thank yous go out to everyone who have been translating footage and providing information; Orangemushroom, Spadow, Coppersan and everyone else. We wouldn't be able to get excited, have fun discussing and predicting the possibilities without you guys doing the awesome jobs that you do.


G-Star! Beta! New & returning mobs & weapons!


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