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This one's MASSIVE BUT, don't let it discourage you my friends because we've got our new and awesome friend Channel_Onion as special guest laying down what all went down in the 10 days Maplestory 2's Final Closed Beta was up for. Thanks for the continued support everyone, this one took a while to bust out!

This discussion is a massive 1 hour, 6 minutes and 23 seconds, Do not let it discourage you, it's jam packed full of Post Final Beta info AND with Special Gust Channel_Onion joining us laying it all down for us!
Thank yous go out to everyone who have been translating footage and providing information; Orangemushroom, Spadow, Coppersan, and everyone else. We wouldn't be able to get excited, have fun discussing and predicting the possibilities without you guys doing the awesome jobs that you do.
MapleStory2.TV for being super supportive of our show! Be sure to check the site out here and join the growing community as we continue our never ending adventure!

This one's huge guys! Sit back and relax as we break down almost everything the Final Closer Beta Test Maplestory 2 had to offer, WITH special Guest Channel_Onion! Everything from first impressions, to classes, skills, experiences, memories, PvP, Shadow world and much more!


Post Final Closed Beta Test With Channel_Onion!


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