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Salutations everyone, Orrador here with a guide/walkthrough on the Cherry Blossom Party Quest

This particular party quest is all one stage, but I feel it has 2 sections each having their own boss.

Section 1:
The Party Quest is fairly easy and straight forward starting out. After the introduction is done/skipped depending on the party members, you're led into gated off "rooms" where monsters need to be eliminated and throughout you need to rescue the people trapped in thorn cages. After these few rooms, the next challenge is a jumping puzzle or better known as a Jump Quest leading to the top of a water fall. After completing the JP, you encounter a purple/magenta "King Slime", easy beat-em-up.

Section 2:
Once the King Slime is taken care of, more beat-em-up mobs appear as you head down the path. The 2nd to last part is a "Wind Tunnel" of sorts, where you just fight against the wind and keep pushing forward and eventually reaching the top of the mountain where you face off against Stumpy. Once he has been taken down, you save the princess and achieve victory.

Hope this helps out those who were curious about the Party Quest!

Seeya in the next one~


Cherry Blossom Party Quest Guide and Walkthrough!


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