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Salutations everyone, Orrador here with a guide/walk-through on the Kerning Party Quest.

This particular party quest has 3 stages, each separated by their own boss and chest reward.

Stage 1:
After the intro and entering the first room, every player must stand on a plate and kill the mobs that come out. The next two rooms that follow are beat-em-up's. The fourth room is another platform room which you must stand on and kill the mobs. After entering the next area, the first room is a puzzle where you must move the tires to get to the next room. Next room is a beat-em-up, followed by another tire maze room. Another Beat-em-up room and then the portal to the next area. This last area holds the mini boss for the first stage. Take it out and gain your reward!

Stage 2:
In this next area, you must find three switches to gain access to the next area. Each room with the switches has beat-em-up mobs. After turning the three switches, you must fall through to the next area. The first room in this next area is a beat-em-up room, followed by a room with fire and a switch. One person stands on the switch in the middle to deactivate the fire, so another person may activate the switch on the top. The next room is a beat-em-up, followed by another fire/switch room which leads to the next area. In these next maps, the mobs do not need to be killed unless you want the EXP, otherwise you can just get through the maze and get to the next area. This last area holds the mini bosses for the stage, there's two this time around so it's a bit tougher. Once they're taken out, you may go to the next room and gain your reward!

Stage 3:
This stage starts with an elevator map, where you kill every wave of mobs that come up. It's a time based map, so just keep killing! There are eight waves of mobs total. This next area is just running through to the portal, no fighting required. This last area holds the final bosses, four in total. The boss that causes stun is the most annoying, aside from that, the others can be swept rather easily. After taking those goons out, you can proceed to gain your final reward!

Hope this helps out those who were curious about the Party Quest!

Seeya in the next one~


Kerning Party Quest Guide and Walkthrough!


2061 Aug 2015 Youtube

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