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Salutations everyone, Orrador here with a guide/walk-through on the Castle Tria Party Quest.

This particular party quest has 3 stages, with rewards and a boss at the very end.

Stage 1:
At the start of the stage, you encounter Bella. After she talks to you, the party moves forward staying ahead of the wall of death slowly moving behind while saving the trapped civilians for the key to open the door to the next area. After traveling over the pond of magma, Bella drops down and spawns some mobs to take out. After taking out the mobs, the next area has another wall of death that follows behind you, also while having to dodge and jump over the floor panels that fallout as your progress. Once the team has made it beyond the floor challenge, another pond of magma awaits and another batch of mobs from Bella as well. After taking out the mobs, the last section is the same as the starting section, take out the mobs and save the 2 civilians while staying ahead of the wall of death creeping from behind. After gaining the key, you'll be safe and able to open up a chest of your choice! Once done your party may head to the next stage.

Stage 2:
This next area starts out with another wall of death following behind you as you progress forward. Take out the mobs and take down the barricade on the door to move forward. Repeat this for the next area and cross over the magma by using the blocks, pretend it's like ninja warrior! or just swim over. Either one works! Once over, the party encounters Bella yet again and will be presented with the "mini-boss" of the stage, which is simply wave after wave of mobs. In total there is seven waves and once taken out, a ladder is dropped, leading to the reward of the stage! After collecting that up, head on to the last stage of the Party Quest.

Stage 3:
The last stage only includes a cut scene, which includes the king and Bella. After the cut scene, Bella teleports to the back of the stage. Giving chase to the back, Bella then teleports to the top platforms where she then supports the mini boss on the main stage. In order to stop Bell'a support, one of the party members will need to activate the switches underneath her, which stuns her temporarily. While multitasking between hitting switches to stun Bella and putting the DPS on the mini-boss, it wont be long before it falls and drops it's loot completing the Party Quest!

Hope this helps out those who were curious about the Party Quest!

Seeya in the next one~


Castle Tria Party Quest Guide and Walkthrough!


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