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Salutations everyone, Orrador here with a guide/walk-through on the Shadow World Party Quest.

This particular party quest has 6 stages, with rewards and a boss at stages 3 through 6.

Stage 1:
You start off at a gate, once the entire party is in the area, the gate opens. If you are fast enough, travel straight up to the wall to the right where a shortcut right to the end of the map is. If the spot closes off before you can enter, you're stuck with traveling around the entire map in a clockwise formation. Don't bother with attacking with any of the mobs, unless you're after the quest within the PQ itself. Once you get to the spot where there is barricades, your party will need to take out the mobs located around, most specifically the one with the gas mask. Once you take him out, the barricade will disappear and allow access to the next stage.

Stage 2:
Hide and Seek basically. Your team must go around to these green house looking buildings, kill or lure the mobs away and open the doors to the green house buildings. Keep opening doors until you rescue a girl, she drops a key which allows access to the next stage. Head to the middle right where there is a gated door, unlock it and head to stage 3.

Stage 3:
You may do two different tactics depending on the strength of your party for this room. The easy controllable way would be to go all around the outside of the map and kill each pack of mobs and eventually come to the middle to take on the boss. Or the challenging way would be to go straight to the middle and have all the mobs storm the stage all at once, including the boss. The boss has a launching skill that can do pretty harsh damage, aside from that he's fairly easy. The launching skill is identifiable on the ground so that you can avoid the areas. Once you take him out, grab your spoils and head to the lower left where there is a ladder going up.

Stage 4:
Don't bother with the wolves attacking the NPC's, they will eventually kill the wolves themselves and serve no purpose aside from that. Head straight and to the left to reach a platform where a cut scene will take over. The boss will send 4 waves of mobs (Wolves and Cerberus') at your party before he comes down to fight you himself. He's fairly easy to handle, nothing super hurtful. He does have a rush skill that sends you back quite a bit and could push you into the magma, however if you can avoid falling in the magma and keep attacking him, he'll go down in no time. Once defeated, collect the spoils and climb the ladder to the next stage.

Stage 5:
This next area you must destroy the 4 orbs in the middle of the stage. Take out the mobs surrounding the area to make it easier and destroy the orbs to summon the boss. The boss is very mobile and does long distant attacks mostly, beware of his tornado attack because it can do some pretty good damage. Follow him around the map, keep the DPS up and he'll go down quickly. Once done, collect the spoils and climb the ladder to the last stage.

Stage 6:
You're shown a cut scene (not shown in my play through because someone else got to the map first, this cancels the cut scene for others). After the cut scene ends, head down the path, around the bend and up the platform to take on the final boss of the PQ. She's fairly annoying. A lot of fast attacks, movement around the stage causing some attacks toward her to miss and she has a healing skill. There are three skills to avoid from her move set. The first is her sword throw move, where 3 blades are thrown out in front of her, if all 3 hit you, it causes serious damage and sometimes 1HKO's. The second is her whirlwind move, she spins and sends spikes out in a 360 degree area around her, followed by a slam to the ground that causes more damage. The last happens after she throws smoke around the area, she will try to drain your HP for her own, which her claws will glow red and she sometimes does this skill two times in a row, beware because this often heals anywhere from 100-200k HP which can extend the fight further. Avoiding these will make this fight quite a bit easier and make it quick as well. Once she falls, you may loot your rewards and be given the Success message indicating the Party Quest is now complete!

Hope this helps out those who were curious about the Party Quest!

Seeya in the next one~


Shadow World Party Quest Guide and Walkthrough!


1374 Nov 2015 Youtube

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