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Salutations everyone, Orrador here with a guide/walk-through on the Ludibrium Party Quest.

This particular party quest has 3 stages and 4 sub-stages, with rewards at the end of each sub-stage and a boss at Computer Code 23, 12 and Stage 3.

Stage 1:
The first stage is scavenger hunt, where you must find 4 computers, activate them and record the number it gives. The stage goes in 3 parts, where part 1 you must gain 2 numbers, the part 2 you gain the last 2 numbers and then the last part you input the numbers into the floor. If you fail to put in the right numbers, sentry units will appear and try to take our your party. Take out the mobs as you go, put the numbers in and head to the next stage.

Stage 2:
The team is presented with 2 computers on the left, 4 on the right and a giant portal in the middle. You must complete 4 sub tasks within the PQ to go to the final boss of the Party Quest. These numbers are 12, 14, 21 and 23. It doesn't matter which order you do them, however if you input anything other than the 4 numbers listed, sentry units appear and try to kill you. Next I will explain each Coded Number Room.

Computer Code 23:
As you enter the stage, you're greeted with a cut scene which the camera pans back to your character. One of your team members (or all of them depending on their jumping skills) must cross the Jump Quest to get to the bossing platform. At the end there's a switch to activate a bridge for those who aren't too well at jumping and don't feel like dying. The boss is fairly standard to the normal 3-headed Cerberus. Avoid the flame breath and the bullet fire from his mouth, while having 2 party members take out the mages up top that keep healing him and the fight should go very smoothly. After taking him out, collect the drops and activate the glowy post in the middle to take you back to the computer room.

Computer Code 21:
This one is fairly easy, kill the mobs, find gear looking boxes and collect the ship parts. Mobs can drop the ship parts as well but the gear boxes are 100% drop rate on them. Once all the pieces are gathered, you may grab the key in the middle, pick a chest and grab your reward. After that, talk to the glowy post and it'll take you back to the computer room.

Computer Code 12:
This one is also very easy, follow the mage, kill the mobs (around 3 waves of mobs) and reach the boss at the end. You wont be able to kill the boss, once he reaches about half health, he'll turn tail and run. The boss has the same sets of skills as the Tower Defense PQ Stages 3 and 6, but is a bit stronger this time around. Once he hits half way, he does a super knock back, possibly poisons you and runs, which presents the reward chests. Collect the key, open your chest and collect your prizes. Once done, talk to the glowy post and head to the last sub-room.

Computer Code 14:
This one can be easy if you or someone else in your team is very good at Jump Questing. Avoid hitting any of the red squares because if one is hit, a giant wall comes down and your team must attack it to get rid of it. There are also some situations where a "Scout" is waiting to call forth security and also block the path. In these situations you would want to grab one of these blue glowing battery cell looking items and toss it at the scout to stun him. This way you can easily take him out and not have to waste time on another wall because they are fairly tanky. Once you reach the end, you must take out 7 henchmen mobs which are easy and save the village chief. Grab the key, collect your spoils and talk to the glowy post to take you back to the computer room.

Stage 3 - TMX980 Room:
Once you finish all 4 sub rooms, the stage 2 room will automatically teleport you to the final boss room, which Papulatus is waiting. Papulatus has a few different attacks on top of room hazards where parts of the floor disappear and you could potentially fall through. His major attacks include an electrical attack, where he follows around a party member trying to hurt them. A giant tornado of electricity which all you need to do is run from. A super Knock-back attack that does moderate damage and a move where he teleports you to a platform where you must kill 5 robot guards before being teleported back. The order in which he does these skills is; Tornado, Electrical, Super Knock-back, Electrical and then teleport. Which the process repeats once you teleport back from killing the 5 robots. He has quite a bit of HP but with a good party of 4, you should be able to knock a quarter or more off before each teleport. Once he's defeated, he'll drop some equips (SOMETIMES Purples, I have had this happen once, so I can verify this to be true.). After that talk to the computer to the right and you'll be given the Success message stating the Party Quest has been completed!

Hope this helps out those who were curious about the Party Quest!

Seeya in the next one~


Ludibrium Party Quest Guide and Walkthrough!


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