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oh noes it didn't tell me there was a character limit on that guild info. now no one knows what kind of cookies we have.

Alright so the more members we have, The more senior spots we have, At the moment that is 1, when more come available or a spot opens up i will notify the people i think deserve the spots. IE. the most active/Talkative members or those who contribute to the guild the most. if you think you deserve the spot just PM me(Or post on here lol) and we will talk it out &quot

Hey, hey! update time!

So at the moment we are a small guild, i have a few people in queue for when the game launches, they just aren't on ms2.tv people XD and again a lot of players don't know about ms2.tv or even MS2 so launch day will be big for us, we need to rush the 1k needed(shouldn't be hard hah) to start up the guild and then get it running.

At the moment our goal is Growth and Quality of members. we don't have to be huge, our goal isn't to be the biggest, but the best guild out there in terms of friendly people. meaning when you see new players talk with them, take a minute or two to welcome them. and don't be afraid to just invite everyone you see XD we can weed out the bad seeds when we see them. it's a better course of action than missing the shy players who don't talk to randoms much. sometimes they are super amazing! but people rarely see that in them because they don't talk. but i digress Launch day is still a long ways away and fairy tail has growing to do before then!

**Also, if you have any idea's feel free to post them!

651 Jan 2015 Fairy Tail

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