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So I'm on my phone and I haven't had internet for months so maybe I've missed something but I've never once seen any arrows as drops on the ground or anything in any videos or screenshots here. Does this mean arrows might be limitless in this game? Or only available to buy in stores? I'm so used to seeing them all over the ground back when I played MapleStory so I kind of have some hope that they may just use magic arrows like with Mercedes or something. If they are consumable and limited, I'd love the return of diamond arrows and such.
Anyone know anything about it? Thoughts, hopes?
archer class

4 1676 Oct 2014



Is it true that you have a lot less abilities/skills in maplestory 2 compared to maplestory 1?

Jul 2015

Not really. Since MS2 doesn't have job advancements, nearly every skill you ever get will be useful in some capacity throughout the entire game. MS1 boasted dozens of skills, but many of them were completely useless once you got the direct better upgrade. Despite this, MS2 classes still have a lot of skills. I believe my archer had 9 skills not including movement abilities, and with SP working much differently than the potion-chugging MP system of MS1, the combat is more interesting and complex than most MS1 classes.

Jul 2015

You don't get as much skills like MapleStory1 has but you get more of a diverse gameplay i guess since people don't really use 2nd job skills once they're4th job.

Jul 2015

As others stated the skills are limited in MS2 as of right now. Since there is no job advancements and may or may not be in the future. I personally think they will later on introduce 2nd, 3rd and 4th job way later in future updates but as of right now there only the first set of skills. I guess you can call it first job skills. It's just like MapleStory 1 where it was only a few jobs released then later on introduce 3rd and 4th. Maybe the same thing will happen with MS2.

Jul 2015
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