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Assassin, Ranger, Screen, Heavy, Thief
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Four Weapons - Star, Cannon, Bow, Dagger

[Thief - Thief Throwing Star](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Thief-Details-4.htmlThief)
>Like the artwork shown, they can hold the star directly, cutting down the need to hold the stars in private. Assassins are often recognized as very nimble. It's also noted that while they can use two different stars for each hand, it's still required to charge up on stars.
[Thief - Assassin Dagger](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Thief-Details-4.htmlAssassin)
>The dagger is short but deals a deadly attack. It's also noted that thieves can wield two different kinds of daggers simultaneously. Thieves have the ability to shift to hold a shield on the left hand for protection and a dagger on the right hand to fight.

[Archer - Heavy Gunner Cannon](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Archer-Details-2.htmlHeavy-Gunner)
>Heavy Gunner's huge heavy cannon! With a cannon, it is possible to launch a broad range attack or flame. When attacking, they will be pushed back due to the strong attack.
[Archer - Ranger Bow](http://www.maplestory2.tv/MapleStory2-Archer-Details-2.htmlRanger)
>A bow and arrow can be used to attack far from the enemy. In urgent situations, rangers can swing the bow to push the enemy away.

translation from Kremechoco of leafre.net.

Four Weapons - Star, Cannon, Bow, Dagger


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We're never gonna escape from these bunny girls right? Like, they're going to become the face of the entire game no matter what we do? Okay then well... may as well accept it now. ALL HAIL OUR MAJESTIC BUNNY GIRL OVERLORDS!

Dec 2014
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