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Berserker PVP Builds for 50 cap!

Question Job - Berserker

ComboEarthquake, Gameplay, Matchups, Breaker, Upload
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Max Ground Breaker as main attacking skill
Max Bloodlust to life steal
Adrenaline is useful to restore SP
Intimidation is used to stun at 10 stacks
At least 1 point into Void Slash for non-EP dash and it does decent damage

Combo Earthquake > Stun w/ Intimidation > Life Steal
Jump > Ground Breaker > Dash

Similar to above build but more points into Intimidation to deal with mobile classes (-36% patk/matk and movement speed/jump)

I plan to upload some of my GMS2 matches after CBT, but because PVP was so gear based they're not that useful. Instead I'll try to record more KMS2 matchups:

Visit my media channels for Zerker gameplay:

1392 May 2018

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