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Solution: CMS2 Game Launcher shows blank server names

Question General - Technical

DownloadLocale, InstallLocale, Launcher, Registry, Shortcut
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If your CMS2 game launcher is showing blank server names, you need to enable Chinese PRC in system locale. But this guide will show you how to emulate Chinese locale for MS2 specifically using Locale Emulator instead of through Windows settings.

Download Locale Emulator
Install Locale Emulator and set up the game with these steps:

Right click the game shortcut and click Modify Application Profile

Game shortcutGame shortcut

Use these settings

Location: Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
Timezone: (UTC+0:8:00) Beijing
[x]Fake registry
[x]Fake system UI language

Then launch the game using the profile created.

It should show the server names after.
Server namesServer names

We will be playing on the 女王镇 server.

1 2591 Sep 2017


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Also: When you modify the settings, there's a middle button for "Create Shortcut" that makes a new shortcut with the profile applied.

Sep 2017
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