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I know some people kept their basil ids from Basilmarket and broguht them here, but some people didn't.
Please introduce who you are on Basil or even if you don't have a Basil.

Hello. I am HGVD from Basil.
I do like to argue a bit and from time to time, let my immaturity take me over.
However, I will try my best to keep a kind and positive attitude on this site as I have for my duration here.

2 3 2431 Apr 2014



Since the first time I saw the game's combat i was wondering, will the combat system go by the "Holy Trinity"?(if you are not familliar, its a system where each member of the group/party is a assigned with a role- tank,healer or dps).

Dec 2014

That's sorta what its looking like, but knowing Nexon, it will probs be more balanced, Tanks/dealers will beable to deal decent dmg and dps types won't be sitting ducks.

Dec 2014

I agree with Printer2 completely. Though it could end up like any other MMO system.

Dec 2014
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