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Since MS2 might be pretty far away, why not discuss other games we're looking forward to in the near future?

I'm personally pretty hyped for Monster Hunter 4, Bloodborne, and Majoras Mask 3D.

edit: Tried to post this in Unrelated Chat, don't know how it ended up here...

3 6 1862 Jan 2015



Hi Guys,

Have seen a lot of posts about accounts being purchased from New Game Way site.

Please read the warning before purchasing, it clearly warns that it cannot do the second stage verification.
Screenshot link above.

NGW only does an email verification which is useless, you may get a couple days of play time and then a verification warning and not able to play.

Please be advised.



Jan 2016

NGW does phone/i-pin verification! They saying about 2nd verification for example when your account was locked for some reason (not banned) and you must do verification for log-in. Your account can be locket for example for log-in from another country in short period of time like you was logged-in from America and an hour later in Japan they locking your account (if they saw this in most cases they don't, but it can happen when you using VPN) for your ''safety''. There are other reasons to lock NEXON account but I don't know them and that isn't happen very often so make sure that you don't do some suspicious activity on your account 'cuz you can get locked, and NO SITE (no matter where you bought account) will help you.

Jan 2016

All posts that I have seen only have their email verified but not via Kphone.
I-pins do not exist anymore and all accounts made prior to these new security updates must go through both verification process, I know because Nexon sent an email out to all users about their new security protocols.
It does not matter where your playing from as long as the details are legit and your not up to any suspicious activity.
Also, a lot of people get locked because information on all 3 sets of ID are incorrect.
All three must be the same, if your Joe Blow from some city in Korea, Age 55 then all 3 sets must match.

I also asked a lot of questions to KR Nexon before making my account because I didn't want to go through the trouble of making one just to get IP banned.

In above original post, I am not harassing or giving NGW a bad name, I am warning people because they are NOT taking care before making a purchase, they aren't reading the fine print. Just beware of the risks.



Jan 2016

Is their any safe way to actually purchase a Korean Nexon account? It seems like most websites probably do the same thing as NGW, do any others offer 2nd step verification?

Jan 2016

@dontea: You can try to contact someone from Korea, just as I'm trying to do. I did not make any progress since yesterday (when I started) and was already thinking of buying an account, but... This thread changed my mind.

Feb 2016

It would be awesome if someone could do us the same favor, i also being desperate now and planning to buy in NGW a KR nexon account

Mar 2016
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