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Why is this a thing? Ms2 isn't out... Also, the avatars are terribad.

3 5 2827 Feb 2014



Hi Everyone !
I'm wondering myself...
In my last mmo , when you accomplish some quest related to the progress of the game's story or when you unlock some big success,you got rewards like mounts , costume..etcs
What about Maplestory 2 ? cause in some videos , i can see wolf,duck,sheep mounts :s
How did they got 'em ?

Mar 2015

I believe the ducky mount is a trophy reward for walking x amount of steps. Other mounts can be purchased for a serious expense. Costumes would be more designers market.
Other than that i'm not so sure about quests giving these items. There might be?

Mar 2015

We can get and customize our own costumes without buying the model ? :s

Mar 2015

So, no one know if the game give some costumes/mounts as a rewards from questing or farming success?

Mar 2015
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