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I will be hosting a stream for my guild/public this Saturday on March 14th (with a pending time of 9:00PM EST) to discuss current content, videos, and anything MS2 related.
OrangeMushroom blog (orangemushroom.net) gave me permission to show the content from the Comprehensive Guide for the stream. I plan on going over this/watch this content and have an open discussion on what we see. All are welcomed to join in on the fun.

Key Topics :
- Comprehensive Guide
- A look at MAVIEW beta
- Other (depending on audience interest: Game Customization / PC Requirements)
- Open Discussion on anything

Stream: twitch.tv/biddum
Date: March 14, 2015
Time: ETA (pending 9:00pm EST)

Mar 2015

MS info has been slow recently, so I'd love to hop in and hear what others have to say. See ya there!

Mar 2015
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