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captain avatar

Cool, but don't I need to know Chinese to play?

1 Sep 2017
WatchGintama avatar

@captain Most of community will speak Chinese yeah, but maybe there will be a larger English community than KMS2 because there's no need for verification here. Maybe the KMS2 English patch can be ported to CMS2?

Sep 2017 - Edited: Sep 15 2017
Septemus avatar

Hi guys, which Server will you guys be joining? Would like to play together with the English community since my Chinese ain't very good.
�"�信区 - 女王镇 (Queen's Street)
�"�信区 - 玩�...�城 (Ludibrium)
多线区 - 明� 港 (Pearl Harbour)

5 Sep 2017
roxyxen avatar

@WatchGintama @septemus I'll be looking forward to it! It'll be nice to play with English speakers who have been waiting for this game as long as I have

Sep 2017
WatchGintama avatar

@roxyxen @Septemus There are already some EN players on 女王镇 and it's the most populated server right now. So we can all go there. I will make a new thread soon with server details and IGN list.

Sep 2017 - Edited: Sep 16 2017
roxyxen avatar

This looks interesting! I'm going to try to play it. I hope it isn't too hard to play since everything'll be in Chinese.

Sep 2017
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