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I heard that the accuracy system will be implemented in MS2. I am wondering if this will give mages an edge. However, what do they even mean by accuracy? Do they mean the current level system or the old system where you had to add DEX. LUK did help mages back then, but it wasn't needed since INT added accuracy as well. Hence, Bowman and Mages were the classes that could go pure without worrying about accuracy issues.


I am basically using this information to help me decide which class I want to make first. Priest or Knight.. possibly Thief since I haven't even seen the game play yet.
*EDIT: I used an ampersand instead of the word "and".. don't make my mistake, lol..
magician class

1 1326 Feb 2015



Hi, i'm brazilian and i've been trying to download this game for more than 24 hours, things is, i don't know a damn word of Korean. I finished the download then a message popped up i pressed yes, after 2 minutes the installer launcher opens, i click on it, it freezes and crashes, i tried openning again but failed miserably, checked for any resting archives inside the "maplestory2" folder, only 2 zip install folders that is said to be corrupted, did i totally messed up !? >:O Sorry for the bad english, i'm in rush !

Feb 2016
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