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Down the line i know they will add one a lot off mmos have 3+ branches. i think mage will be battle mage. cant have a mmo without one am i right?
magician class

3 13 3252 Mar 2014




Ranger is undergoing some changes
-Each skills are now unique in purpose. We are focusing on specific rotations for various combat situations
-Golden Eagle is now a passive skill, summoned via fulfilling a specific requirement during combat
-New skill, "Arrow Storm" has been added: Rain a volley of arrows from the sky around the user, damaging multiple enemies nearby.

New Jobs
-Zena, the Heavy Gunner Master has arrived in Tria's Grand Hall, allowing access to the Heavy Gunner job
-Rek, the Berserker Master has arrived in Tria's Grand Hall, allowing access to the Berserker job
-Char, the Thief Master has arrived in Tria's Grand Hall, allowing access to the Thief job

Shadow World
-We will be reducing and limiting the number of channels available for Shadow World in order to increase player density
-You can earn "Karma" points via Hunting mobs, finding "Truka's" Treasure, Questing, and other various activities
-You can trade "Karma" points with a Shadow Merchant for special items

-Certain trophies now allow you to purchase housing decoration items
-Trophies can now be searched by their requirements or title

Interactive Structures
-There are now various structures throughout the world that can be held by your character (Traffic lights, Utility/Telephone poles, Bus, Phone Booth, Portable Toilets)
-You may grab one of these structure by walking next to it and pressing "Space". By pressing "X", your character will perform an action specific to the structure

-"Interior Square", a shopping district dedicated to housing materials have been found East of Ellinia
-You can look at billboard advertisements and obtain housing item magazines

Guild / PvP
-You now have to be at least level 28 in order to enter the "Pinnacle of Bravery"
-The "Pinnacle of Bravery", located near Perion will open every 30 minutes
-There will be a Guild PvP Championship - It is accessed via a new tab under Guild menus
-You will be rewarded with, "Proof of Bravery" based on your Guild's performance and participation, which can be traded for special items
-From what I can tell from the screenshot, there will be tiers (Bronze on screenshot), you and your guildmates may queue every 10 minutes, and the matches will be 4 vs 4 of players with level 28+

New Party Dungeon
-Kerning Interchange's Golden Tower party dungeon from last CBT is included. It is accessed by 4 level 21-25 players
-A cave called, "Acid Hurricane" in the Shadow World is accessed by 4 level 26 players
-A dungeon called, "Rebellion of the War Robots" is accessed by 10 level 30 players
-You will now see the location of Party Quests on the minimap and the world map

-You may change your maid's name, nickname, and a portion of their profile
-Each maid comes with one of five different specialties: Cooking, Bartending, Alchemy, Necklace-crafting, Ring-crafting

Quality of Life changes
-You may view other players' information by "right-clicking" on their character
-You may preview items, which you have not yet purchased by "Shift+clicking"
-You may search Maview from chat, via typing "/search x"
-New BGM in Kerning City, Ludibrium Village, and Beach area

Translated by ChannelOnion

Feel free to discuss down below! I am personally super excited for the new party dungeons! Especially the 10 level 30 player one!

Apr 2015

"Arrow Storm" sounds PRETTY similar to Arrow Rain, one of the most iconic and BADASS MapleStory 1 skills ( in my opinion.) I haven't seen any video of it yet, but I sure do hope it's as great as it was in MapleStory 1. I'm playing a Ranger, hope they do it justice!

The Guild Championships sound insane. Glad they added some ease of access to pull up a player's information. Pretty solid patch, I am satisfied! Here I am, talking as if I get to experience it firsthand, like I'm playing the Beta or something... Haha.

Apr 2015

The maview search function :O
Awesome honestly, considering the potential of maview at this point.

Apr 2015

Guild PVP - queues and tiers sounding hella similar to League.

But I'm super excited for the maids! Thank goodness they aren't just for decoration, probably going for ring-crafting.

Apr 2015

@ChannelOnion I watched your stream during the last beta test and have watched it all over on youtube because of how pumped I am for this game, and also you're a pretty fun streamer haha but is there anything in particular you're looking forward to with this next beta test? Obviously that robot war pq, but who wouldn't be? Look at that title! haha

Apr 2015

Wow thank you @PkBlast ! I'm glad I am able to entertain you. I'm looking forward to having more time to fight bosses and gear up in this round of CBT as the test runs for longer period and the max level is lower. Can I expect to see you in the Final CBT stream as well? ; ) Check out my post about my Final CBT stream if you haven't already!

Apr 2015

I would've expected the maids to do more... maybe perhaps they could assist you in combat? Or maybe your home could get Dirty overtime, and they could be around to clean it and stuff. I mean, yeah, seems cumbersome, but I think it'd be kind-of cool.

Apr 2015

@Uniboros It'd be nice if they'd prepare daily snacks (potions) for you daily, and if you paid to increase their experience in cooking or whatnot, they make more powerful potions, and in greater amounts. Just an idea that will most likely never happen haha.

Apr 2015

@Quantum Oh, I'd LOVE that. That'd be real cool, but... I kind-of hope for this Maid/Butler system to be more unique. Maybe they can give you like, Weekly quests or something (Not daily's, that's real cumbersome) and you can increase your relationship with you, until eventually, they can like... aid you in combat and stuff. I just hope for this thing to be unique and what-not.

Apr 2015
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