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So since I cannot find any streams/information etc. regarding the thief character, does anyone know anything about it?

I plan on playing it regardless of tiers, skills etc. since CB was my favorite MS1 class
thief class

3 2017 May 2015



So I managed to get my hands on some free nx after downloading several apps to earn Nexon play points (from Nexon Play App for Korean users only cause of verification) which I can convert into coupons, NX, packages that have random NX, public transportation money, or pay for food items. Managed to earn 2,800 Nexon cash which I then converted 2,000 Nexon cash into 200 merit points and 10 helicopter remotes.

Then I bought a long sleeve designer top from the merit shop and I realized clicking on it with the right button opens up to the designer page. I played around on it and even opened a new shirt and designed a bit. I realized that users can use the top or any designer equip/furniture to make a custom design which I think they can sell on the merit design shop to earn merits. They save and name their creations then they take photos of their items to sell. I think it's capped at a certain amount at a time like 10,000 or 100,000 merits (I have to check again) but you can pick your price and name the item to sell. So in short if it sells pretty well you can earn merit points for your creativity.

I later picked a pre-made design to test it out but realized once you confirm the design on the page you are stuck with the designed item and you can't return to the previous design page. So in short the design feature is a great addition if your good at graphic design and could be really ground breaking once the game is released world wide.

Sucks I lost 200 merits on a mushroom shirt but if I ever managed to get a skirt all is well.. The helicopters are a great side prize since I hate walking everywhere/missing boss times.

You guys tell me what you think~

Jul 2015

Hi, just asking; How do you convert NX cash into MS2 currency, thanks

p/s: it does sucks when you messed up that design :<

Jul 2015

You need to go to the cash shop which is the button next to merit market. You then buy merits+helicopters with nx cash. Once you purchase it then you add the the package into your storage and click it to open the merit points and additional helicopters. Gunna try the design feature again in the later future if i ever manage to get a tablet to market some items.

Jul 2015
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