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So, from what I've seen up to level 35, is that a lot of people don't need or want Knights in their parties. There have been many complaints about the knights usefulness, and how it's in need of a big revamp. I was thinking about making the Knight my main because I enjoy being a tank and love swords and shields. From what I've seen Knights have really no control over bosses and do not keep aggro or damage focused on them at all either.

Will you still play the Knight class if nothing is changed?
warrior class

14 3644 Feb 2015



well i asked first so i get the first one. i cant seem to private message you. you can send it to my gmail jumpingburrito

Jul 2015

i wann too i already asked u in yours >pm's< thank you :> you can send me o thank you :>

Jul 2015

Send me a code at gameon12453 @ gmail.com and I'll play the game with you - thanks in advance.

Jul 2015
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