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Snap, like, at first, I thought it was a dude, but, then I realized this: "Oh, he's not wearing any chain-mail, that's weird..." but then I saw the Cleavage, and then I was like: "OH." I can't believe it took me this long to realize the Berserker is a girl, wow. Glad I know now.
warrior class

4 1692 Aug 2014


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Many of you will be playing around the midnight ban. Here's a little tip.

Right click the date to the bottom right of the screen
Click on "Adjust Time and Date"
Additional Clocks Tab
Add the clock "(UTC+09:00) Seuol" and hit OK.

Now you only have to left click the clock, and it'll show your time and the current time in Korea.

Jun 2015

Yeah thanks, this is definately helpful.

Jun 2015
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