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Hi there, welcome and I have a special..not rly, but its sort of special because I hit lvl 51! YAY! It didn't take me long tbh because I was able to clear the dungeon pretty easily, even though I had a random stranger with me. I will probably be trying to hit level 52 soon because I am on spring break, hooray for me. I can also(maybe) be for active in uploading. Many youtubers have this problem, so idk, it may just sound like an excuse, but I really mean it my fellow viewers.
I yawned in the video, like if you yawned just now or you yawned during the video.

1lvl down, 9 more to go!!!!!

Twitter: @PhenTheGamer
Maplestory 2: Golden Stag Beetle Battle - Youtube
385 March 18

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