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After trying to find a shred of evidence about the release of MS2 and the significance of March 3rd, I did figure something out. All MS1 events currently showing up end on March 3rd. Usually this means there's a patch coming up (this is appropriate timing for it too) so we know why they're talking about it. That much IS a fact. But the inner game fanatic in me says that they'll release some sort of info about MS2 in the 160th patch of MS1. This last part is all opinion btw. Do NOT quote me elsewhere. Everything matches up in my mind, call me crazy, but the timing is just too perfect. This is patch 160 of GMS, the anniversary of MS1 is coming up, AND there's a new Maplestory coming out. If Nexon isn't planning on April 29 for a release date, they've had to at least thought about it. I know I've been ranting and this'll all probably look ridiculous to me in the morning, but this is my best guess on what's happening on March 3rd and April 29th. Honestly this is the best I can come up with, please feel free to give evidence for or against my idea! ('cause I wanna find out the truth)

20.334k Mar 2015

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