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Hello all! I've promised to update you guys on my stream schedule, so here I am!

Podcast covering these details and more right here

**The first stream of the Final CBT will kick off on:**
**- April 30th: 9 PM EST (1st day)**
**- May 1st - 9th: 8 PM EST**

There will be sporadic streams whenever I find free time
- I will announce any sporadic streams at least **30 minutes prior on Twitter (So please follow me on twitter)**

Hope to see you all really really soon!

3 3 1959 Apr 2015



I can't use my phone number and I still need to verify my id somehow, any idea on how I could do that ?

Aug 2015

if it's not a korean phone number, it won't work. i don't know how else you can do it, since i bought my account and that was that.

Aug 2015
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