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I was reading each job skill info on MapleCodex, since I would pick my main based on these skills alone.
I assume these are only 1st job skills since the lvl requirement is 25.

Knight ~
They have 2 party skills!
They actually do more damage if training solo
They have better defense
No damage % skill
Have a healing skill

Berserker ~
To do high damage your HP has to be below 30% "Risk dying"
No Party skill "so far"
Going to do high damage in Team PVP or Boss fights
Have a healing skill "need to hit some enemies"

To me Knight wins 1st job challenge, what do you think?

2 1582 Oct 2014



Yay... Cbt is coming at may first yay.... My bday is at my first yay..... and.... I did not get in the cbt T-T why my luck is sooo shit...

Apr 2015
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