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This is my veiw on all of the MAPLESTORY 2 classes
This information could be wrong for it is my veiw on the classes.
Comment below on what you think about this, what should be changed
, and what you believe is correct!

Pros and cons of MAPLESTORY 2 classes:

Pros: tanky, good damage, has party skills, self heal, good for grinding, quick attack speed, Good for positioning bosses

Cons: Slow attack

Pros: two handed sword (looks cool), good damage, high tankyness at lower hp, strong skills, seemingly good for pvp

Cons: have to be at a low hp to deal most damage (risky play style), no party buff yet (could be one, not yet announced), MIGHT have low bossing potential

Pros: high damage, good combos, Maneuverable, good look to skills, good pvp, good bossing

Cons: squishy, no extreme damage unless moves are used in a correct combo

Pros: damage and healing, very strong party play, good attacks, high crowd control, good buffing, somewhat tanky when buffs apply

Cons: Good in parties but questionable alone

Pros: high dps, good attacks, high maneuver ability, long range, good bossing/grinding

Cons: squishy

Heavy gunner
Pros: high dps, good combos, very long range, high bossing potential, good aoe attacks, decent dodging ability

Cons: squishy, little damage on most skills if not combo'd

Thief (not much info out on skills yet D
Pros: ability to change up play style within first job (shield and katana or katana and katana), high damage, (not much info on this class yet)

Cons: Melee, in some situations could be squishy ( katana and katana)

Pros: high dps, ranged, high mobility, strong attacks and passive, very strong 1v1 (probably good pvp), high critical rate

Cons: squishy, needs to be at Lower health for passive to become effective

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