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**Important Dates!**
April 28th 9 PM EST: Application results come out
April 29th 6 AM EST: Early install / Character creation

3 974 Apr 2015



On the page asking for your phone number to verify (olleh kt), it asks for your "Statement" and "Date of birth" under "Mobile Phone Number". Since I'm using a prepaid sim card, I have no personal information to verify with. Can anybody explain to me what to do for this step?

Aug 2015

You would check all boxes.
Type in your name.
Add your date of birth.
Select your phone company and then add your number.
You can also select which nationality you are if you are Korean or a foreigner.

After you place in this information you will see a text to type in to verify and a text should come to your phone. From that text type in the code they send you.

It should work as long as you have the phone under your name to begin with if you created the phone under a family/friend you'd use their name/date of birth.

Aug 2015

When you buy a prepaid sim card, they do not ask you for any information (all I have is the phone number). This is where I am confused - does this mean I can put in random information under name, date of birth, etc.?

Aug 2015
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