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Hello I'm Gab
Ign - xSolo / GabCast / Gunbae
I hang on channel 92 with my guild named Culverin after the KMS english based server.
Feel free too add me to BL for anything.
I have 3 different accounts so I'm sorry if I don't add you right away.
I'll be on xSolo most of the time.

(Too add friends press U (key) hit the 2nd tab with the smiley face and type in an ingame name.)

I'll be working on my KMS2 stream. Hosting raid calls. A guild website packed with guides, help, exclusives, etc etc. Currently I'm working 2 jobs though. So although I'm rushing I still will have much work to do. Because I'm currently the only one working on the project.

You are welcome to participate in our guild, but please understand space is limited to 1 character. Contributing members are specially thanked for the support with our website/guild/etc.

As the lead I'm partially fluent in English / Spanish. With some knowledge in Korean, Italian, German, Japanese, & Chinese.

You can contact our group at
Facebook: facebook. groups/1684221341807977
or PM me here.

1471 Jul 2015

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