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Hi guys!
So I went back to GMS in about a year.
I've noticed things went to wrong, those skills and new classes...
I've realized my Bowmaster was a crap now. Way back before I hitted about 5k each line on hurricane and I was like OP.

But no worries!
Nexon knew whats going on and decided to make MapleStory2!

Im trying to share what I wish it to be
First of all, I want classes to be balanced like before Big Bang on MapleStory.
Also, leveling made harder
I remember and miss those times when I was so happy with 3 Sp's.
Fighting bosses are only allowed in parties of 3players or more.
For boss drops, I wish you can talk to certain NPC and every player who fought gets a box containing rewards, so that people wouldn't fight for them.

I want skill animations to be unique. Not like MapleStory today wherein almost every skill is just reskinned.

Ooh, ooh! I want a nice PVP hehe.

Lastly, a friendly, kind and good community of player
In my opinion, most important part of all online games is a community.
No scams, fair-play.

What do you guys wish MapleStory2 to be?
Thanks for reading and leave comment below. ^^

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