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Although there has not been any official announcement made by the said company, hints were given to the players.


The official account of MapleStory 2 has officially announced that the publisher of the Chinese version of MapleStory 2 will be Tencent.
The official account has started giving out "mysterious letters" of the publisher's name since the 4th of July, and officially revealed the answer today. Nexon and Tencent, however, have not made any claim on it's accuracy and reliability.


[Note]: As mentioned earlier, no official announcement has been made by Nexon nor Tencent. These images and links only increase the likelihood of Tencent being the publisher of CMS2.

MapleStory 2 - Mysterious Letters

4/7 We decided to start the game, and revealed the first letter 'A'

18/7 Revealed second letter 'N'

8/8 Revealed third letter 'T', and gave away MapleStory 2 cards.

2/9 Revealed fourth letter 'T'

17/9 Revealed final letter 'C', the game is coming to an end.

27/9 Told that the game publisher for CMS2 will be officially announced on 13/11 ~ 15/11

7/10 The game finally ends! The publisher is TeNCenT gAmes

P/S: So, did any of you guessed it? ~

13/11 ~ 15/11 Planned to announce during the TGC (Tencent Games Carnival)

*Due to some technical difficulties with the progress of the game, the date of announcement may be delayed.


2494 Oct 2015

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