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Hello there Maplers,
I just want to let you know that the Guild "Entities" is still searching for Member.

Some Information about the guild:
We are an English active guild, where we help each-other out when and where we can. Some of us are very active in the wiki as well and help you everyday with your questions.
Your plans for the guild are to help everyone to understand the game and have fun. We also do events like boss hunting.

Our guild webpage is planed and a new logo is coming within the next days.


What we're looking for in potential members:
As a Member of Entities you should be active, friendly, helpful, respectful, and mature.

Sure we know you can't be online 24/7 and also you have a social life but let us know if you can't make it the next week(s).

Bullying, harassment, and general rudeness will not be tolerated. As a guild, we want to get recognized by the actions we do In-Game and in this Forum.

Be helpful and willing to communicate and cooperate with others. We hope that our guild members will have a good time together chatting and interacting.

We expect all active guild members to respect people inside and outside of the guild.

There is no need to stop being humorous just don't act like a 5year old.


To apply to the Guild just go to the guild page ( Maplestory2 ) and apply

Hope to see you soon In-Game,

1225 Jul 2015 Maplestory2

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