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I'm from the SEA region, and while I know it's still a long time before the global/SEA version is released, here's a bit of rant from me about MS1 and some wishes regarding MS2. I played MS1 since OBT until the period when the potential system came out, and quit around that time. MS was basically my childhood, from 11 years old until 17. I'm 20 now, and have tried 3 times to return to MS1, but didn't work out because the community was completely destroyed. Nexon/Asiasoft completely f*cked up the whole game by making it pay2win. I don't want to go into details because I'm sure everyone here knows what I'm referring to. So here's what I hope for MS2:

1. The developers make as little pay2win content as possible. Something like Dota2, where you pay cash for cosmetics but doesn't give you any advantage for game play.
2. The developers stick to the original MS1 idea, where most game content is for the low to mid tier players, and no easy grinding to lvl 100 in a day, so that players actually get to enjoy the game together.
3. Control the god damn mesos inflation. I don't care if you put 50% tax on trades or something, just bloody control it. Especially those macros farming the whole map, ban them for life and patrol the map regularly.....

Anyway, hope global/SEA version comes out ASAP, can't wait for it, can we? =)

1200 Jul 2015

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