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Hi friends,
So I am big into collecting things in games. Such as classics in MS1, rare old summoner icons and skins in LoL etc. I am really looking forward (if there will be something) to an item given to players who join the game first, or played in beta; just like the Mark of Beta in MS1. Although I hope unlike MS1, the items hold value and rarity so a few years down the road people will think it's awesome you have it! (cough anvils cough ruined it -__-'') So I an wondering:

Myself I would like something timeless like maybe a mount. The jeeps and motorbikes seems cool maybe a limited edition mount. Things like equips or weaps are nice too but most of the time your gear is probably better and you wont get to show it off much. Just my opinion.

Do you think there will be an item exclusive to beta/new players?
What kind of item do you think/hope it is? ex (hat, mount, clothing, accessory, weapon)?

EDIT: Found out what we are getting here: Wordpress

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No, it's only in Korean until GMS comes out (we don't know when that is).

Jul 2015
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