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Hello everyone! It's Island again!
As MapleStory 2 news started to die down since the close of CBT,
I just wanted to give you something to read and entertain yourself while you eagerly wait for the day!

If you don't know who POET is, I suggest you look up MAVIEW on KMS2 Official Webpage.
If you are able to navigate yourself through all the Korean mumbo-jumbo and end up on Designer Market Rankings you will see his character in shining glory.

Sales count: 2109 (Rank #1)
Sales Net Income: 7,881,000 Mesos. (Rank #1)

5 days of closed beta testing.

So you want to be a MS2 Designer?

Here is the full interview with POET provided by a major KMS2 Designer guild MSG (roughly translated as "Tasty Sausages&quot and KKADDE.

[HOT SAUSAGE #1 CBT Legend! Covering Poet!]

I am proud to speak with the CBT Legend Poet. #1 in sales count and sales income. He was even the first person to purchased the most expensive housing plot !

Poet /
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL most income and most spent...

Q. Before we begin, I just want to ask, what made you approach MapleStory 2?

Poet /
I wanted to play even during the Alpha Testing, but I didn't get selected as one of the testers. I was let down but one of my supporting acquaintance luckily provided me with a CBT code so I could play it.

Wow! You had a supporter! Is there anything you would like to say about that?

Poet /
I am extremely happy about it. lol I texted him before about it, but yea I am extremely happy and definitely feel thankful.


Q. Poets most successful item, Adidas Jersey! We want to know how you came up with the idea and the course behind it!

Poet /
Honestly, the first time I realized you were able to design a Jersey in-game, the first thing that came to my mind was the Adidas Jersey.
Realistically speaking, if I want to make a profitable income I would have to create something that is high quality and something that approaches to the masses.
Personally when I thought of a Jersey, the first thing that came to mind of was the Adidas Jersey, so I made it right away.

And that's how your legendary story began! great marketing.
What else were you able to create?

Poet /
Guess T-Shirt or Guess Hoodie? New Balance Hooded T-Shirt, and Bratson Beanie that I really put a lot of effort into. lol that one has really good quality.

Of course! I saw that one too. I could tell you put your sweat and tears into that design!

Poet /
lololol thank you.


Q. Could you give any tips for people who are trying to become a rich designer?

Poet /
I believe that if you want to create something that sells well you have to take into consideration what kind of design they are into.
You really need to think about what everyone loves to wear and debate on it.
Of course there are players who only look for quality too,
but there are many others who are looking for something different.
I think finding that "something different" is the key.

If you want to be number 1 and be successful, I really believe that you need to design something that will reach out to everyone.

Thank you for your kind advice.
Before we conclude our interview, I just want to ask several random questions!


RQ 1. Do you have a girlfriend?

Poet /
nauhhhh bruhhh LOL

RQ 2. The next person for our Hot Sausage coverage should be?

Poet /
(most likely referring to the GuildMaster KnoxGS3)

RQ 3. There are quite the number of female cafe members. What are your thoughts on being one of the few male members in our cafe?

Poet /
I love it.
Too many guys are dull... LOL (jk)

RQ 4. What was the first thing that crossed your mind when you saw MSG guild name?

Poet /
Mat So Gum (Monosodium glutamate/MSG)... I think.
I used to play an FPS game before and there was a gun called MSG.
Everyone used to call it MatSoGumMatSoGum, so everytime I see MSG that's the first thing I think about. LOL

Alrighty, thanks for your awesome answers!


This concludes our interview with MS2 CBT Designer, marketing legend, Poet!
Next time we will interview GilmaGilma-nim. Please look forward to it!

Of course... we might not!

Thank you for reading through my terrible writing skills. I would like to give a warm thank you to Poet for spending his time with the interview!


There you have it folks.
I do pose few questions after reading the interview.

Copyright issues? Brand logos? Terms of Services?

Who knows. But for now, why don't we get ready to make Adidas Jerseys and high quality beanies?
Who's with me?

Not much of a Guess fan tho.

Let me know what you think! leave comments below!

Your Happy-go-lucky translator, Island

2 960 Mar 2015

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