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Hello everyone, my name is Island.

This thread is to shed some light on people wanting/creating Korean Nexon ID.

Why create a Korean Nexon ID you ask?
An obvious answer might just be that: To play MS2 on a Korean Server before anyone else in the world.

However difficult it may be, I am continually searching for ways to create Korean Nexon ID.

General Information:
- I can speak and write Korean fluently, which helps me search for information on Korean websites.
- I already own a working Korean Nexon ID. However, I am researching this topic to help my friends and many others who wish to play on the Korean Servers.
- The results of this thread explains in detail the approach and methods that are required to create an account, and in MANY cases, looks demoralizing to many of us living outside of Korea.
- The legality issues with personal identification and such matters DO exist. However this INFO THREAD is solely for the purpose of looking at the subject in a realistic light.
- I DO NOT suggest, ask, or want to force anyone to do something illegal.
- Many of this information is common knowledge to most of us who are accustomed to the culture and protection that Korea expresses. Understanding that much, this thread is for the others who are new and are looking for ways to play the game.

Lets get started on this adventure.

First things first...
We all know we need a Korean Social Security number. (If you did not know this fact, then you can stop reading here and go on about your day.)

Korea is a small country.
(Equating to the estimated size of Alabama or Georgia if you were curious)
With a lot of people. Around little over 50 million I believe.

It makes sense that such a country wants to make sure their personal identification and responsibilities are enforced to avoid many conflicts.
Yes, USA has social security numbers as well, however they do not ask for it when signing up on lets say, Steam or XBOX Live.
One can argue that places like Steam, XBOXLIVE or PSN approaches global attraction in a favorable view.
However Korean gaming community takes this account in an overly serious matter. I guess due to hackers/abusers.
(More than Nexon America does anyhow.... =_=)

Attaining a Korean SSN was actually an easy task for me.
Simply speaking, I just had one.
(Apparently never expires even after moving across the pacific and attaining US Citizenship and their SSN.)
Each of my family members had one as well.

For testing purposes and my "Adventure", I decided to use one of my family members ID to create a brand new account on Nexon Korea.

Creating an account on Nexon Korea is as simple as creating a new Gmail account.
Pretty straight forward as long as you can read Korean (or guess what the blank boxes are asking for.)

Just to be on the safe side tho, while creating a new account, I used my older siblings name and birth date.
Within seconds, verification e-mail was sent to the address I provided to verify my email. A verification method we are all accustomed to.

But now I was faced with the issue.

Normally (in the past), if you had a Korean SSN number, you will verify the account ownership with a simple method of inputting the name and birth date to verify your ownership/existence.

But I was confronted with was, instead of SSN verification, a Cellphone verification.
As a person not residing in Korea, I would obviously do not have this information. So in reality, creating an account would be impossible.

However, to pursue my adventure, I asked one of my friend living in Korea for help on verifying my accounts ownership.
He agreed to it, and I was extremely happy that creating a Nexon Korea account would soon come to a close.

Oh boy I was wrong...

I thought the process was... DING(text notification noise. =]) MSG: "Here is your verification number XXXXXX. Please enter it to complete registration."

Apparently now, at least Nexon Korea is concerned, they even check the registrar's Name and Birth date that was registered onto the Cellphone account to see if it is a valid match with the information provided while creating the Korean Nexon Account.

Are you kidding? this is ridiculous...

But unrelentingly, I searched for the old school verification option. To verify using your name and Korean SSN.
Since not too long ago, there was a process to bypass the cellphone verification and use an alternative way to register.
Apparently it was called I-PIN or My-PIN.

It was an internet way to say that you exist, this is my name, and this is my age. One would have to register and get an I-PIN number to use instead of cellphone verification.

So I registered onto one of the provider SIREN24.
I used my siblings information and created an account.
It asked for my name, birth date, and KSSN number. Which was definetely more familiar way to register onto Korean gaming sites.

Unfortunately, when proceeding, the popup window for applying for I-PIN number, kept having errors and issues.
Maybe because I had to use IP in Korea? I am not too sure.

Either way, I put this matter aside, and revisited the Personal Verification page on Nexon Korea.

And what do you know... The I-PIN button that used to be next to Cellphone Verification Link has disappeared.
I pursued the issue persistently and looked to Naver for more information.

APPARENTLY Nexon took down the submission for I-PIN from their website.
I did not further research WHY but many users complained and said:
"So Nexon, you're basically telling me, if my cellphone broke, I can never register to play video games?"
"Is there are no other way, this is stupid."
Apparently there was a big issue regarding this matter and people went bananas about it, and Nexon Korea never mentioned why.

So I guess Nexon Korea isn't all that perfect either...

After researching why KSSN was not used on Nexon Korea website anymore, apparently they had to stop asking for personal information. (gaming community altogether) due to hacking issues and personal information breaches.

At this point I had no other methods of further exploring my adventure.
I was out of options.

Frustrated, I sent a ticket to Nexon Korea to ask if it was possible to register with just KSSN number instead of a phone.
I am currently waiting for a reply back.

Hopefully I will get some insight, or a better process to creating an account.
If I am possible, maybe I can help out others with several expired KSSN I have on hand for others who are interested.

If you have ANY information or suggestions, please let me know so I can exhaust all available options.

Meanwhile... my adventure continues...


TL;DR- Exhausting all options, I am still sitting here with no working account even with Korean SSN and a valid but inaccurate cellphone provider. If you have any suggestions, please reply on the section below so I can continue to find ways to create a working account for unfortunate overseas users!

1 17.269k Mar 2015

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