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I have been going through all things MS2 related in order to dig up dirt on the mysterious thief, heavy gunner, and berzerker classes since we don't have any test footage of them. I came across a video that was released back in March of 2014 that had various classes albeit still no heavy gunner. However, I believe both the thief and berzerker are shown in this footage.

Look up Maplestory 2 Official Gameplay Trailer on youtube by MMOBomb.

Who is the whip user though?

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The Bowman character class in Maple Story is a very fun class to play with. They can render damage upon their enemies from afar with their bows and crossbows. They are able to knock foes back with each attack while delivering powerful blows on them.

As a Bowman in Maple Story, you will receive powerful multi-fire attacks and you will be able to kill enemies without even being near to them.

The Pros of using a Bowman as your character class in Maple Story are as follows:

1. A Bowman can render high damage output to the enemies.

2. They can attack their enemies from a distance without having to go near to them.

3. A Bowman is a very uncommon class, and their Weapons and Armours are usually cheaper in most cases.

4. They possess knock back ability.

And the Cons of using your Bowman character in Maple Story are as follows:

1. A Bowman is guilty of inflicting unstable damages upon the enemies, until his job advancements.

2. They are unable to melee attack their enemies.

3. A Bowman takes a long time to level until their second and third class advancement in the game.

4. They do not have high HP or high MP levels as compared to the other character Google classes such as Warriors and Magicians in Maple Story.

If you hate fighting up-close with the enemies like what a Warrior character in Maple Story does, it can be quite exciting to be a Bowman, watching and inflicting damages upon your enemies from a distance!

Donald Lim is a Maple Story game enthusiast. Along the process of learning how to play Maple Story better, he chanced upon the web site of a professional Mapler, John. He managed to convince John to write several Maple Story Guides for new and seasoned Maplers, and so was created.

Feb 2016
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