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Hi there everyone, this is a strategical post that I would like to hear others opinion about which class do you think would be the easiest to fund when starting as a new player? From my speculation so far (alpha test) assassins are the regarded the most popular class while rangers and priests are down at the bottom. Results were shown after the alpha test ended.

That being said this isn't the final result as the remaining classes haven't been released and also this was only taken from a small player base which is not accurate enough. So here is my thought, I think the most popular class gear would be more expensive to fund because of the demand and supply while the least popular class gear would be cheaper as not many people play them therefore they become irrelevant.

However, this also factors on how rare the item drops are and depends on which monsters give these drops. I know back in MS1 the economy for every server was different so it is really hard to tell how the economy would turn out in a new server.

So initially I wanted to be an assassin because I knew they would be classified as a High DPS class with some mobility and I do enjoy dealing lots of damage to people. Then the amount of people choosing assassins make the class look so common and overrated you could say. I am going with my heart and going to pick rangers judging from their poor popularity and their skills can potentially go on par with assassins in being the best DPS class if equally funded.

I would love to hear your thoughts about what you think and constructive criticism is much appreciated thank you. Remember this is only my prediction as I don't have enough evidence to back it up with.

TLDR; I am not your casual player that wish to just have fun and play around. No I am one of those people who they call elitist who wants to be very good at a game and feels good whenever I've accomplished a goal (#1 Ranger on the server etc). I think more popular class would be more expensive so picking a less popular class would be better to fund because cheap ~

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Hey guys just want to post again letting everyone know that we have a Facebook group that is welcomed to anyone that plans on playing KMS2. Here is the Link

Jun 2015
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